Your Dining Team

We are proud to serve you every day and want to ensure you have an exceptional experience whenever you dine with us.

Executive Team

  • Brian Dagnall (he/him)

    Brian Dagnall (he/him)

    Resident District Manager

  • Christine Hubbard (she/her)

    Christine Hubbard (she/her)

    General Manager

  • Cliff Roy (he/him)

    Cliff Roy (he/him)

    Culinary Director

  • Manny Ciprian (he/him)

    Manny Ciprian (he/him)

    Executive Chef

  • Amelia Cream (she/her)

    Amelia Cream (she/her)

    Retail Manager

  • Gabrielle Mele RD, LDN (she/her)

    Gabrielle Mele RD, LDN (she/her)

    Registered Dietitian

  • Rose Forrest (she/her)

    Rose Forrest (she/her)

    Sustainability Coordinator

  • Nolla Haidar, Ph.D. (she/her)

    Nolla Haidar, Ph.D. (she/her)

    Marketing Specialist

  • Jarrett D'Olimpio (he/him)

    Jarrett D'Olimpio (he/him)

    Operations Manager

  • Teryne Alexander (she/her)

    Teryne Alexander (she/her)

    Human Resources Manager

  • Siraj Sayyed (he/him)

    Siraj Sayyed (he/him)


  • Tanya Delisle (she/her)

    Tanya Delisle (she/her)

    Catering Director